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This item is priced per 10 pound case, 1 QTY = 1 (10 lb case)

PLEASE NOTE: This is an "ORDER ITEM ONLY." Please have order placed 1 week in advance. This will give our vendor enough time to accept our orders, harvest and ship in a timely manner. 

Steamer Clams, also known as Pisser Clams or long-neck clams (Northern nickname) arrives in market from the Northern Region of the Greater New England area. Why are they called pisser clams? These clams are LIVE. Yes, all CLAMS are LIVE. Squeeze the steamer clams together and they will squirt at you. Its shell is soft and shaped oval/oblong - which why, they are also known as long-neck clams. They are great steamed with garlic butter sauce. They are very sweet tasting, lightly briny and tender.

How to eat steamer clams:
Use your fingers to pull off the skin covering the siphon of the clam. Discard with the shells into the shell bowl. Grip the siphon with your fingers, swirl theclam around in the hot broth (it will help to warm up the clams and to dislodge any remaining grit or sand). Dip the clam into melted butter and eat!

10 LB New England Steamer Clams (PLACE ORDER)

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