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Hilltop has an everything sauce - OMG! You Only Need This Sauce is our signature sauce that we use on everything in our food truck! This sauce can be used in/on/with everything. Why clutter your space? You Only Need This Sauce goes great on everything. 


What should I use it for?

- Tacos

- Sandwhiches

- Burgers

- Sushi 

- Dipping Sauce

- Salad Dressing

- You name it - You Only Need This Sauce


Great for steak, seafood and chicken - you name it You Only Need This Sauce - on EVERYTHING! Keep refridgerated after opening for best quality. Shelf Life - last up to a year! Comes in a 12 oz glass bottle with huge opening and gold lid (because it's gold :)!


Ingredients: soybean oil, egg whites, vinegar, salt, sugar, lemon juice, calcium disodium, paprika, garlic, tomatoes concentrated, tomatoes paste, onion, celery, cinnamon, all spices and cloves. 

Hilltop's Everything Sauce (INSTANT ORDER)


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