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This item is priced per pint 1 QTY = 1 Jar/Pint


Please note: order have to placed by 5 pm Wednesday for shipping order, in store pickup and/or local delivery. Due to covid-19 we're experiencing some delays your order will be filled in 24/68 hrs. You will receive a ready for pickup email, once your order is filled. Any questions, please email us before ordering or chat live before 9 pm EST. 


We usually carry shucked oysters in store weekly during Fall/Winter months. They are much more popular during that time of the year. During the Spring and Summer months your best bet is to place an order. These oysters are shucked fresh, as soon as harvested. You can expect a minimum of 2 dozen + per jar. They are great for frying, stewing; baking or adding to your gravy sauce for Thanksgiving. 

1 Pint Shucked Oysters (PLACE ORDER)

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