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This item is priced per 1 pound container, 1 QTY = 1 lb container


Due to covid-19 we're experiencing some delays your order will be filled in 24/68 hrs. You will receive a ready for pickup email, once your order is filled. Any questions, please email us before ordering or chat live before 9 pm EST. 

PLEASE NOTE: this is an order item only. You’ll receive a ready for pickup email once your order arrives in market for pickup.




Crab Cakes - please! Fresh Gulf Lump Crab Meat comes in a plastic container (not canned). Comparing to lobster meat, crab meat has a much softer shredded texture. While both crab and lobster are crustaceans, however, their flavor is not like most fish. Unlike canned pasterurized crabmeat, which can be kept for several months; Fresh Gulf lump crabmeat have a shelf life of 4 -5 days in normal household fridge. So plan wisely before ordering. Any unused crabmeat can be freeze as well!

1 lb Fresh NC Lump Crab Meat (PLACE ORDER)

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