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This item is priced per sack, 1 QTY = 10 lb sack


Due to covid-19 we're experiencing some delays your order will be filled in 24/68 hrs. You will receive a ready for pickup email, once your order is filled. Any questions, please email us before ordering or chat live before 9 pm EST. 

Our Fresh black mussels come from Prince Edwards Island in a 10 lb sack. They are cleaned and washed. Black Mussels are live item. Majority of all clams (shellfish) items are live. Black mussels are very mild tasting and will remind you of the sea.

It is true, they say; you should only eat live mussels (closed shell mussel). However, just because they are open don’t mean they aren't good to eat.

How to inspect your black mussels. You can use this same inspection method with other shellfish like clams as well.


Place them in a tub, submerge them in cold water. Since they are live; give them a few minutes and they will close up again. If they failed to close; they are dead. You can consume open black mussels. If they are open within a few hours, they are okay to eat.


Discard any mussels that have been dead for days. You can determine this by scent. A good open mussels should still have the scent of the ocean. Discard any foul smelling mussels.

1 Sack Fresh Black Mussels (PLACE ORDER)

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