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This item is priced per pound, 1 QTY = 1 pound (remaining weight paid at pickup each dungeness crab is approx. 1.5 LBS).

Please note: order must be placed by 5 pm Friday to arrival in market for pickup Wednesday weekly.

Each crab is a minimum 1.5 LB per crab Dungness Crab. Compare to Live Blue Crabs Dungness Crabs are very large crabs. Each dungness crab is like putting together 4 Live Blue Crab. They can weigh a minimum of 1.5 LB per crab. They are a West Coast favorite making their way to us usually from California, Oregon and Washington State area. They typically grow to 20 cm across and is super popular for their prized sweet, moist and tender flesh!

Here’s a how to cook link for “Dungness Crab” from “McCormick’s website,”
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Dungeness Crab (PLACE ORDER)

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