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This item is priced per 5 pound bag, 1 QTY = 5 pound bag (cooked)


Our Live Crawfish sometimes refer to as, Crayfish or Crawdads and even Mudbugs comes to us directly from Louisiana. Crawfish is very similar in visual appearance as lobster and shaped like shrimp. However, Crawfish do have a unique and distinguish flavor. What do crawfish taste like? Crawfish tails are very comparable to lobster and shrimp. The head; however, has a creamy rich and buttery taste with intense burst of flavors. They required an acquired taste.

How to eat crawfish?

1. Grab the head firmly with one hand and grab the tail with the other hand.
2. Twist and pull the tail away from the head.
3. Suck the head for extra flavor (optional)
4. Peel off the first two or three rings.
5. Pinch the end of the tail and pull the meat from shell.
6. Repeat steps 1 to 5

5 lbs Cooked Crawfish (PLACE ORDER)

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