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This item is priced per pound, 1 QTY = 1 LBS container 


Due to covid-19 we're experiencing some delays your order will be filled in 24/68 hrs. You will receive a ready for pickup email, once your order is filled. Any questions, please email us before ordering or chat live before 9 pm EST. 


Jumbo Crab Meat are graded crab meat that comes from larger crabs. They come in a 1 LB plastic container (not canned). The meat is taken from the two large muscles connected to the swimming legs. Compare to regular lump crab meat, which are smaller portions of crab meat. Jumbo crab meat has a brilliant white color. Comparing to lobster meat, crab meat has a much softer shredded texture. While both crab and lobster are crustaceans, however, their flavor is not like most fish. Unlike canned pasterurized crabmeat, which can be kept for several months; Fresh Jumbo crabmeat have a shelf life of 4 -5 days in normal household fridge. So plan wisely before ordering. Any unused crabmeat can be freeze as well!


1 LB Jumbo Crab Meat (PLACE ORDER)

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