This item is priced per pound. 1 QTY = 1 Live Maine Lobster (per pound)


Please note: this item is for in store pickup. Add an additional by upping your QTY. You will be charge $18.99 for EACH lobster at check-out and pay for remaining weight per pound at pickup. Depending on weight, one Live Maine Lobster can weigh 2 lb but no more than 3 lb. You'll receive a notificaton by email or phone number you provided at checkout; once your order arrives in market for pick-up. Please expect to pay for remaining weight for each lobster at pickup (not all Lobster weigh the same).


FOR EXAMPLE: 1 Live Maine Lobster at 2 LB X $18.99 = $37.98. You was charged $18.99 a checkout online, so $37.98 - $18.99 = $18.99 before taxes will be your bill at pickup. Any questions, please give us a call before ordering 704-550-5784.


Lobster is a very mild and sweet shellfish. Its texture is between a shrimp and crab. Once tasted you’ll fall in love, leaving you yearning for more!They are great boil, bake; steam and grill. If you are steaming your live lobster 7 minutes per pound is recommeded.

CLICK ON PHOTO - 2 lb + Live Maine Lobster


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