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Due to covid-19 we're experiencing some delays your order will be filled in 24/68 hrs. You will receive a ready for pickup email, once your order is filled. Any questions, please email us before ordering or chat live before 9 pm EST. 


10/20 True Dry Sea Scallops. True Dry sea scallops are shucked on boat by acutal divers then goes into a dry container which eliminates processsing with no water or preservatives. It has a pure and concentrated flavor and has shorter shelf-life - which means they are fresher. It will not lose its' shape and size when cooked.


Fresh sea scallops smells like the ocean. Its' texture, is soft resembling a marshmallow. They are much more sweeter and bit satly comparing to bay scallops. You can consume raw, grill or bake. But they are best pan-searing in olive oil or butter. In a super hot skillet, sear for about 3 to 4 minutes both side or until the scallop is firm to the touch and well-browned.

10/20 True Dry Sea Scallop (PLACE ORDER)

SKU: 0007
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