Yellowfin Tuna Kabobs

Yellowfin Tuna is a very mild tasting fish. Ask us to remove the skin for this dish. Cooked Yellowfin Tuna can be slightly flaky, so you might want to cut your cubes for the kabobs in thicker chunks of cube to hold. This dish is savory, you get all the sweetness from the grilled bell peppers and veggies.

Get the colorful mixed bell peppers, they are much sweeter than regular green bell peppers. You can use any type of onions, but I prefer red onions for the color and the taste. This dish is not limited to what you can put on your kabobs. You can substitute with any veggie to your liking. If you like broccoli add that or add cauliflower - again its to your liking. This recipe can be used to make beef kabobs, swordfish and even mahi mahi kabobs as well.

In all my cooking measuring is never done. I just like to add and taste as I go, but just for you I'll try to form a measurement and of course please adjust to your taste. To accomplish a well balanced flavor when cooking, if an ingredient is salty always add 1/2 of something sweet. This ratio always does the trick for me every time. You'll find your own balance. If you do please share.

You can purchase store bought Teriyaki marinate or make your own. Teriyaki sauce is SUPER simple to make – if you have all the ingredients at hand. Home made teriyaki is much better than store bought brands. You have the power to control the amount of salt and sugar that goes in it. I'll post a home made teriyaki sauce soon. Let's use store bought for this one, so we can jump right into prepping. Because I'm hungry as I am typing! :) YUM


Bamboo Skewer Sticks (soak in water to prevent burning while grilling)

2 LBS Yellowfin Tuna (cut in cubes size it to your liking, but thick is preferred)

½ red bell pepper (cut bell pepper in half – you should get 6 chunks/cubes from each half)

½ red onions (cut onion in half – you should get 6 chunks/cubes from each half)

½ green bell pepper (cut bell pepper in half – it'll get you 6 chunks/cubes from each half)

½ yellow bell pepper (cut bell pepper in half – it'll get you 6 chunks/cubes from each half)

1 mini tray of portabella mushrooms (cut smaller ones in half and bigger ones in 3)


1 tablespoon onion powder

1 tablespoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon black sesame seed

1 cup teriyaki sauce

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 cup Hoisin Sauce (we have this on the shelf at the market for purchase)

1 teaspoon Black Pepper

Olive Oil to drizzle when grilling (or any type of light cooking oil you have on hand)


  1. In a mixing bowl, prep all your components while doing that soak your skewer sticks.

  2. In a separate mixing bowl add in all your ingredients whisk together well. You can dap with your finger and taste it or use a spoon to taste. Try to get it to your desire taste - if you want it more sweet add more brown sugar. If you prefer it more savory add more teriyaki sauce. Or just add more hoisin sauce because it has an already balanced flavor of both savory and sweet in it. The flavors your getting during the tasting phase will always produce the same flavors once cooked as well (this is why, I like tasting my marination before cooking that way you'll already know what the end result is = yummy!)

  3. Once you get your marination to your liking toss in all the components. This is where you make mud lol toss them all other and mix well with your hands. Make sure all the marination coats all the components. Cover the bowl, refrigerate and let it set for at least 2 hours. I had my marinated for 4 hours, because I was doing yardwork. The end resulted = super bold flavors! :)

  4. Get your grill ready make sure all the charcoal is burning. In the meantime, while your charcoal is doing its thing assemble your kabobs. You can assemble however you like. Since you are the chef - I always do a special kabob with extra tuna! :)

  5. Time to grill! Drizzle the olive oil onto the kabobs, as you set them on the grill - tuna doesn't have to be fully cooked. You can likely sear it on both side if you like. Just so your veggies won't be raw, let's leave this one on the grill for a little bit longer.

  6. Once you get that nice char on your veggies, it's done! Char it to your liking. Round up all the troops and serve - chow down!


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