Yellowfin (Ahi) Tuna Sandwich

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

If your “2019 New Year Resolution” is to get healthy or learn a new dish. Tuna would be a healthy start and the easiest dish to learn. Weight watchers and even weight lifters use tuna to substitute for meat. You’ll get the same amount of packed protein with lower calories intake per every pound. This fact is backup by - you can use this website to compare calories, protein; carbs and even fat. Tuna can be consumed raw, best eaten medium rare. You should never fully cook Yellowfin Tuna or Bluefin Tuna, cook it fully and it will become chewy.

Anyhow, we were really in the mood for tuna and wanted something different. Uncommon from our traditional way of consuming tuna RAW! Retailed at our market for $16.99 per pound factoring in buns, onions; bell peppers and mixed green. We made 4 tuna sandwiches for only $22 bucks!! Instead of using burger buns, we used French Baguette. We love the crunch after it is nicely toasted! You can use any tuna, but we decided to use Yellowfin. It is a little cheaper than Bluefin tuna. Bluefin is remarkable! But expect a higher price, the outcome you’ll get from using Bluefin is no comparison to Yellowfin Tuna. Especially the belly (toro) part of Bluefin, it just melts away and just dissolves in your mouth like butter (no chewing required! :).

Yellowfin Tuna is a species of tuna found in pelagic waters of the tropical or subtropical ocean worldwide. Yellowfin is often advertised as Ahi, from the Hawaiian name for closely related bigeye tuna. In other words, there are no difference between Yellowfin Tuna or Ahi – just the region it was caught in.


1 LB of Yellowfin Tuna cut into quarter pound to make 4 or half pound to make 2 steaks

Kosher salt and Pepper (to taste)

5 Spice (optional if you want an Asian flavor)

Mixed Greens (a handful of mixed greens per sandwich)

Heinz 57 steak sauce (a spoon per sandwich or to taste)

Onions (optional)

Bell Peppers (optional)


1. Get grill very hot (about 500 – 550-degree Fahrenheit)

2. Kosher salt and pepper (or your choice of seasoning) tuna steak to taste on both sides. Pack seasoning into steak by rubbing into steak. Let it sit and marinade for 10 minutes if you want the seasoning to sink into the tuna steaks.

3. To sear tuna steak, place tuna steak on preheated grill for about 1 minute per side depending on the thickness of your steak. You can see when it cooks then flip to the other side for another minute. You want your steak to be a little pink in the middle on the inside (a perfect sear would be light pink in the middle).

4. Grill onions and bell peppers until char. Remove from grill, let cool and julienne both onion and bell peppers.

5. Toast buns for a few minutes on grill if you like, in oven or in toaster – whichever you prefer.

6. Spread mayo on your buns, add pickles plus julienne onions and bell peppers; a handful of mixed greens and place tuna steak over everything and top off with sauce (ketchup, mustard and mayo are optional). The taste is already great with the steak sauce alone.


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