Tuna Tiradito

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

For my mother’s 70th birthday, she requested a family reunion in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Perfect, because our cousin Bob is a Chef! When we say chef, we don’t mean the frozen prebreaded drop into frying pan or microwave; sauce in a bottle and mashed potatoes in a box served with a side of frozen veggies kind of chef. Hehe 😊 He cooks fresh gourmet American/Laos/Thai style fusion foods and runs the famous "SXSE Food Company," gourmet on wheels chef! In his own words, "A blend of American and Southeast Asian flavors and cooking technique resulting in a uniquely familiar yet modernized product while staying true to its traditional origins." If you’re ever in the Austin, Texas area follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SXSEFoodCo you can see where they’re stationing at for the day. Just follow the aroma and lines of people, it’ll lead you to the SXSE Food Co. (black food truck). Or you can view their website at https://www.sxsefoodco.com. Like they say, "everything is big in Texas." This is absolutely true! This food truck out of Texas is big on fresh farm to table flavors! Or should I say, "farm to truck flavors!"

So, the family reunion was the perfect opportunity to get a one on one meal served by Chef Bob. Plus, everyone in our family LOVES seafood! This was the perfect dish for Bob to whip up for this occasion. Everything he made was perfectly seasoned and nothing overpowering. You can taste all the ingredients of every single component used in his dish. We brought our yellowfin tuna and felt honored to be served with his famous “Tuna Tiradito.” This plate is served off his truck for $14.00. Along with a few other seafood items on his menu, you’ll find prime rib tacos popping out of his food truck window and other Asian inspired dish with a twist. This “Tuna Tiradito” seafood dish is perfect for the summer gatherings. The tart fresh flavors and crunch with a minty awakening would enlighten your palate. You should give this recipe a try. You’ll have your guest thinking; you’ve hired a chef! 😊


½ lb Yellowfin Tuna

1 Green Apple

1 cup Red Wine Vinegar

1/2 cup of Water

4 Thai Chilli (garnish)

8 mint leaves (garnish)

5 Cherry Tomatoes (garnish)

2 Habanero (garnish)

1 tablespoon of salt

1 tablespoon of sugar

Cooking instructions:

1. Thinly slice yellowfin tuna in sashimi serving size. Then lay one on top of the other in circular motion onto plate, stacking half of the slice on top of the other. Transfer plate to fridge and let it sit for about 20 mins (this process brings out the color of the fish).

2. Meanwhile, the fish is cooling (in fridge). Dice the green apples into mini cube size, as small as you can possibly get them then set aside. Cut the cherry tomatoes in halves and set aside (save these to garnish along with mint leaves).

3. This third process deals with peppers, so you may need some gloves before cutting them. Cut Habanero in halves then scrape all the seeds out of shell. Thinly slice your habanero into strips. Next, cut Thai chili in halves and scrape seeds out of shell. Then drop all your sliced peppers into a small bowl and rinse the seed off with cold water, drain and let them dry on top of paper towels.

4. Grab a mixing bowl, add all measured listed of ingredients left from above instruction (except for garnish components) into mixing bowl and give it a whisk. Leave out the mint leaves, cherry tomatoes plus peppers - which is saved last for garnishing.

5. Remove plate of yellowfin tuna from fridge, pour the sauce you‘ve whisked together over the tuna and distribute the sauce evenly. Then garnish plate with habanero peppers, Thai chili and mint leaves. It‘a ready to serve and eat – enjoy!

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