10 Minutes Fish Sandwich!

We made fish sandwich plate last night with black sea bass fillet. It's a simple take, nothing fancy but super tasty! You can use any type of fish, but we love the taste of black sea bass. Plus, it’s a fish sandwich you won’t normally get from your traditional fry fish house. If you have a few minutes wait time, purchase whole fish and we can clean/fillet for you for FREE. Seafood is great for the busiest of family because it cooks FAST! 10 minutes top is all you need for this jaw dropping sandwich and the COST is a BONUS - KUDOS!


1 Bottle Tar Sauce COST: $1.20 – depending on brand

1 bag of mixed greens (used 4 handful) COST: $1.99 You can use any type of lettuce.

1 bag of Amoroso’s Philadelphia Bread Rolls (comes in 8 we used 4) COST: $1.99

1 large red tomato COST: .35 cent

1 Whole Black Sea Bass (cut 2 fillets into 4 pieces) COST: $6.10

1 bag of Lay’s Potato Chips (used 4 handful) – COST: $1.99

1 Corn Oil (used 1 cup) – COST: $1.89

1 bag of Cornmeal (used ½ bag) COST: $1.99

Pinch of sea salt, black pepper; garlic powder; paprika and dried thyme (COST: $0 already have in pantry)

Total cost: $17.85 with tax. Made 4 sandwiches with plenty leftover to use for next go round.


1. Heat oil in large skillet over high heat don't burn oil (place a fork into skillet if it sizzle around fork the oil is ready!)

2. Season fish with a pinch of sea salt, black pepper; garlic powder; paprika and dried thyme.

3. Place cornmeal in mixing bowl and dredge fish in cornmeal mixture.

4. Fried fish for about 4 - 5 minutes or until golden brown. Remove fish onto napkin and let cool.

5. Toast bread in oven until crispy possible about 4 minutes.

6. Meanwhile cut up your tomatoes and get lettuce ready.

7. Assemble your sandwich with mixed greens, tomatoes and top with tar sauce - serve with side of potato chips. Chow down and reminisce on past time - enjoy!

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