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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

How often is your seafood delivered to market?

Our seafood is delivered to our market daily excluding Sundays and ORDER ITEMS ONLY (continue reading to find out more about ORDER ITEMS ONLY). Each of our vendors have their own specialty and not all vendor carry the same seafood  – which is why, we deal with multiple vendors, shrimper and fisherman. What’s in stock online and in market may differ from day to day, price varies from day to day depending on catch/harvest per vendor. ​

How does online ordering work?

Order today online before 5 pm, choose in store pickup . Or track us and choose pickup at food truck locations, add notes before checkout and choose your desire date for pickup. All orders must be placed before 5 pm and some items may require a few days in advance ordering. Any questions, please call the store anytime and we'll be glad to help you. 

How often is your online store updated?

Our online store is updated daily. As they catch them it goes in stock online "LIVE." Once product is sold or stock is low - it'll be out of stock instantly. If they are done fishing/catching for the day - it will be taken out of stock immediately. We receive hourly notification from multiple vendors/shrimper and fisherman. You may see an item out of stock, then in stock within hours (depending on catch). Prices can go up/down depending on vendor/harvest. We have no issue in rejecting catch/harvest. We have done so in the past before launching on our online market. Each of our vendor knows what is expected of them. Each item is double inspected and guaranteed freshness and quality. If you would like to see an item in stock sooner, please give us a call 704-550-5784. 

Is what in store the same as what’s online?

Please keep in mind, items online may differ from in store. Not all items online are stocked in store and not all in store items are online. Please give us a call 704-550-5784 if you like to see your items stocked.

Can you ship?

Due to shipping cost, we've decided to discontinue shipping. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please stop in to see us when you are in the area. 

After placing an order when will my order be processed?

Your order will be processed same day. If orders are placed before 5 pm of that day. Any orders placed after 5 pm, processing will be next business day. 

What if I place an order on days you are CLOSED example: Monday & Tuesday – when will my order be process?

All orders are processed daily 7 days a week online.  You'll receive a confirmation once your order has been received and processed. 


ORDER ITEMS ONLY are items that are delivered to market for pick-up on a specific date of delivery. (For example, Live Blue Crabs are ORDER ITEMS ONLY. Live Blue Crabs are delivered to market every Friday morning.) If you would like to place an ORDER ITEM ONLY for pick-up for a different date this can be arranged as well. Please call the market and we can set-up a delivery for your specific date of pick-up. Or right before checkout, add notes and type in your specific date of pick-up. 

Are ORDER ITEMS ONLY available online?

This only applies to local delivery/pickup. This is not always the case. Sometimes we may have an ORDER ITEM ONLY in stock in store. However, if you would like to order a large amount and to guarantee your order - it is best to order online. We only bring in a small amount of seafood daily. What we bring in usually sells out by the end of that day.

When will I received my order?

Typically all online orders placed before 5 pm will be process and ready for pickup in store or mobile locations next day (this next option may possibly exclude some items - any questions call us 704-550-5784 and we'll happy to help you. 

Should I add notes before check-out?

Adding a note before checkout is very important. It guarantees freshness especially for in store pickup/local deliveries.

You don't want your order to arrive too soon before your pick-up/delivery date/time.  If you forget to add notes, no worries - we will contact you by phone/email provided at checkout and ask for a pick-up date and time. 

View our tutorial tab for short videos on "how to." If you feel your questions are not answered through our FAQ page - please contact us directly. We will be glad to answer any questions, please ask away.

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