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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

In response, to COVID and the CDC's guidelines - we want to offer the contact-less option. We've just launched our "INSTANT ORDER," you can order seafood + meat online instantly and pickup within the same day. Although, shopping inside is still an option. You can come inside as well. Gloves are at entrance of market, hand sanitizer at checkout and market is sanitized rigorously. 

What does this mean?

We gave you the ability to see exactly, what we have “in stock,” in store for you to instantly order and pickup within the same day. Everything is still in beta (testing mode) off the bat - it won’t be perfect. But, we will work on perfecting it daily. Please be patience with us, as we navigate our way through this newest forum of operation and keeping everyone staying safe. 

How does it work?

We've created a category for “INSTANT ORDER,” all item in this category will show what is available (in store) to order and same day pickup in store.

As usual “PLACE ORDER,” category will remain the same and dedicated to items that would have to be ordered. During this time, sourcing has become a little challenging. Instead of next day arrival – some orders will be filled within 24/64 hours - please be patience. This is due to shortage of delivery drivers. As always, please add notes at checkout for your desire date of pickup for "PLACE ORDER," items.

Do I have to go inside?

For both "PLACE ORDER," and "INSTANT ORDER," coming inside is an option but not a must. You can call us upon arrival, pop your trunk and we'll load your groceries for you. Although, inside is sterilized often and shopping inside is still an option. Gloves at entrance door, hand sanitizer at checkout and remain 6 ft. apart while shopping. Sanitation procedures is done rigorously in store as well.  

What would I have to select at checkout?

For "INSTANT ORDER," select"INSTANT ORDER," same day pickup at checkout and you will receive a ready for pickup email. Once your order is filled and ready for pickup. Please enter an active email account or provide us with a phone number to contact you at checkout. You can expect your order to be filled within the hours, depending on our volume max 3 hours for order filled time.  

For "PLACE ORDER," select"PLACE ORDER," at checkout. Your order will be filled within 24/64 hours. You'll receive a ready for pickup email - once your order is filled. 

What can I order under “PLACE ORDER” and “INSTANT ORDER”?

You can order seafood, chicken, pork and beef. We'll keep adding more items weekly per your request. 

What happens if “INSTANT ORDER,” items show “out of stock”?

Once again, sourcing has become a little challenging. If an item is “out of stock,” we will do our best to stock them as quickly as our source/vendor would allow us. Please check back often to see the next “in stock,” arrival for both categories.


How do I find the food truck?

Get on our website click on “Track Us.” Select date and our location/serving time plus menu will be posted. 

How often is your seafood delivered to market?

Due to COVID-19, we've experienced some delays in sourcing. Typically our seafood is delivered to our market daily excluding Sundays. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Saturdays deliveries has been cancelled. Each of our vendors have their own specialty and not all vendor carry the same seafood  – which is why, we deal with multiple vendors, shrimper and fisherman. What’s in stock online under "INSTANT ORDER," is the same as to what's available in store. What's in stock under "PLACE ORDER," is different from "INSTANT ORDER," and in store stock. 

How often is your online store updated?

For "INSTANT ORDER," items are stock is updated automatically. Our "PLACE ORDER,"items are updated daily. As they catch them it goes in stock online "LIVE." Once product is sold or stock is low - it'll be out of stock instantly. If they are done fishing/catching for the day - it will be taken out of stock immediately. We receive hourly notification from multiple vendors/shrimper and fisherman. You may see an item out of stock, then in stock within hours (depending on catch).

Prices can go up/down depending on vendor/harvest. We have no issue in rejecting catch/harvest. We have done so in the past before launching on our online market. Each of our vendor knows what is expected of them. Each item is double inspected and guaranteed freshness and quality. If you would like to see an item in stock sooner, please give us a call 704-550-5784. 

Can you ship?

Due to shipping cost, we've decided to discontinue fresh seafood shipping. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please stop in to see us when you are in the area. The good news, we do ship our apparel. You can view our "GIFTS" category for apparel and accessories. We're adding a sauce and rub category soon and will be available for shipping as well. 

When will I received my order?

If you ordered items under "INSTANT ORDER," and selected "INSTANT ORDER - SAME DAY PICKUP."  Your order will be filled within the hour, depending on our daily volume max 3 hours. You'll receive a ready for pickup email - once your order is pack and ready for you. 

If you ordered items under "PLACE ORDER," due to COVID-19, your order will be filled - as quickly, as logistic would allow us during this time. Typically, you can expect 24 to 64 hours fill time for your order. You will receive a ready for pickup email - once your order has arrived, packed and ready for you. 

Should I add notes before check-out?

Adding a note before checkout is vital. It guarantees freshness especially - if your ordering items under "PLACE ORDER."

We don't want your order to arrive too soon before your pick-up/delivery date/time.  If you forget to add notes, no worries - we will contact you by phone/email provided at checkout and ask for a pick-up date and time. 

Any more question?

We are available by “Live Chat,” on our website until 9 pm EST. Any questions, after hours can also be directed to us by email at: sales@hilltopseafood.com. Or you can always call the store during business hours as well: 704-550-5784 - during business hours.  

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